more than technology

Much like owning a hammer doesn’t equal beautiful cabinets, owning Patient Access technology doesn’t equal an increase in cash, nor does it contribute to cultivating loyalty.

Achieve higher accuracy with less effort. Make more informed decisions. Better serve patients, not just at the point of registration, but at the point of their access. Choose PELITAS. Increase cash. Cultivate loyalty.

Keywords that may be top of mind…
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hero stories 


With so many variables, the demands of Patient Access work often stretches healthcare teams beyond their capacity to consistently achieve the necessary results. From cash collected at the point of service, to net revenue, to days AR, to HCAHPS scores…hospital leaders can make or break these metrics with their choice in technology and advisory support. Those who chose wisely, chose Pelitas. Hear the stories of your peers, leaders who chose to increase cash and cultivate loyalty with Pelitas. Click on a photo below to read their stories.


the right process matters

You don’t have time for variables and surprises when implementing and integrating new technology. Nonetheless, they often occur. So how do you ensure efficiency and predictability to successfully meet your go-live objective, and more importantly, to begin achieving your Patient Access cash and loyalty objectives? With the right process.

Thought LEadership

Education and insights

The world of Patient Access is always changing, and the pace of change is ever increasing. Regulations, payors, consumerism…the race to keep up is real. Learn from experiences and stories about why it matters to do Patient Access well, trends in the industry, and best practices across the organizations of your peers.