Abbie manages patient access for a mid-sized rural medical center. She and her team of almost 30 registrars, are responsible for patient registration and data collection for the 150+ bed hospital. Proper patient registration can make or break Abbie’s daily point-of-service collection targets. The process revolves heavily around the access and verification of financial considerations such as: eligibility, medical necessity, propensity to pay, POS cash collection, and more. With disparate information coming from a complex mix of sources, patients were often unclear about their payment responsibility, claim denials were trending up, and cash was trending down.


Patients often expressed frustration about the confusion in the cost of service negatively impacting their experience.

Unfortunately, Abbie was forced to spend excessive time managing workflow inefficiency at the point of service, often getting personally involved with patients to help ease concerns. That in turn had a negative impact on team morale, thereby sparking an uptick in turnover. To top it all off, she has to constantly bring the bad news of poor financial results to the executive team.

If only Abbie had an integrated platform to provide real-time visibility to critical patient access issues. With a viable pre-registration experience, Abbie’s team could deliver a better patient experience at registration, increase POS cash collection, avoid denials, and ultimately improve both the hospital’s financial performance and the patient experience.

Enter pelitas


Abbie engaged PELITAS to help streamline her current state of patient engagement and assist with ongoing patient access. She wanted her registrars to have all relevant information in real-time and to be able to anticipate patient needs and payment questions. The iPAS (Integrated Patient Access Software) was just the platform she needed.

“My registrars don’t FEAR the alert system, they love it. Rather than looking everything up individually, they save time and the irritation of having to piecemeal the whole patient story together.”
- Abbie, Patient Access Manager

The iPAS platform created a single source for crucial patient information, including medical necessity and eligibility status. The hassle of tracking down discrepancies and other patient data was eliminated with iPAS real-time alerts that empowered registrars to fix errors in a profile while the patient was right there in front of them. With a complete and accurate patient profile, the team could utilize the iPAS bill estimator to consolidate these data points into real-time cost estimates for patients. 

“From the dramatic difference in patient experience, to the big gains in financial performance, to the operational efficiencies gained...We could not have done it without PELITAS.” - Abbie, Patient Access Manager

“By fully integrating patient information, registration and payment history, Abbie has empowered her team in better serving patients and turning those engagements into cash at the point of service collection.” - Jack, CFO


Increased Point of Service Cash

Using iPAS, Abbie and her team increased cash by 369% to $2 million in 4 years.


Boosted Team Morale

In addition to an accurate patient encounter, Abbie and team experienced a boost in morale.

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