Meet Nancy

Nancy is the Manager of Patient Financial Services for a top rated regional medical center. Nancy and her team ensure access to care for over 6,000 patients; managing patient registrations, satisfaction, and claims.


The multi-step patient registration process presents many challenges for Nancy’s team. Gathering the necessary data to determine financial considerations such as eligibility, medical necessity, and propensity to pay has proven both time consuming and tedious. This information was collected from multiple disparate sources, leading to a lengthy, frustrating registration process for patients, declining financial results for the hospital and a difficult office environment for Nancy and her team.

Because of these inefficiencies Nancy spent excessive time personally overseeing the patient registration process while trying to stave off turnover among registrars. Otherwise preventable claim denials were trending up due to inaccurate patient registrations. She needed a solution, an integrated tool to both improve the patient experience and streamline the workflow at point of service. The right tool would automate the current areas of inefficiency, thereby preventing denials, while alleviating the stress on back office staff and reducing turnover.

Enter Pelitas


Nancy selected Pelitas and iPAS® (Integrated Patient Access Software). iPAS was instrumental in eliminating the bottleneck in the registration process by creating real-time visibility to critical patient access issues through its EMR-integrated platform. “Because the pre-registration process is so much cleaner, when patients arrive it’s quicker and easier to just capture and validate signatures. The onsite patient experience is so much better: less wait time, more focus on signatures.”

“PELITAS was a game changer for our department, both how we interact and service our patients, and internally...with improvements in both morale and individual empowerment.”
– Nancy

iPAS product modules including Med Necessity, Patient ID, Address Verification, eliminated much of the disparity in data, while also empowering registrars to correct inaccuracies and fill in the blanks in real-time. The integration was powerful including coding, billing, denials, collections and clearings.

Through a coordinated implementation, the iPAS platform had an immediate impact on patient financial services. Nancy’s team accomplished a 28% reduction in AR days, down from 65 days to under 50 days - while the front end point of registration reduced claim denials substantially. Clean claims increased from 88% to 94% and registration accuracy is edging toward the team’s goal of perfection, at 98.8%. This increase in patient profile accuracy has improved POS collection and cash flow. The easier registration process, shorter wait times, and less paperwork also led to better patient experiences and increased satisfaction scores.


reduction in days ar


clean claims, 88%-94%


registration accuracy

To top it all off, Nancy and her team spent less time manually involved in the patient registration process. Registrars were more empowered for decision-making, allowing Nancy the time to focus on higher priority customer service initiatives and improved team morale.

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