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PELITAS started as DCS Global. DCS came into existence because Jeffrey, the leader of a hospital, didn’t have an easy way for his registration team to assemble all the necessary data and information about a patient, at the point of access. Jeffrey’s hospital team was forced to manually collect and verify everything from the patient, during and after service was provided. That created confusion and frustration for patients and hospital staff, often ending in denied claims and write-offs. Cash was declining and so was patient loyalty, all because of the non-clinical part of the patient experience.

But Jeffrey changed all that with DCS. He and his team were able to increase cash and improve the non-clinical part of the patient experience. As it turns out, Jeffrey wasn’t the only one facing these challenges. Many other hospital leaders connected with DCS to create their own stories. And so as Jeffrey and his peers grew their healthcare systems, DCS also grew. This growth eventually fed the need for DCS to prepare for growth at scale while preserving the reliability and support so many Jeffreys had come to trust.

This is a tough journey that requires reinvestment in technology, people, and most importantly an effort to bring clients in closer….closer to help each other raise the bar in achieving results in Patient Access. This effort was the catalyst for a new brand that more accurately reflects the priorities of Jeffrey and his peers.

With that, DCS Global became PELITAS (pel-ah-tas).

The origin of PELITAS stems from two priorities that consistently emerged in conversations with client partners and leaders in patient access: cash and loyalty. With those words in mind, PELITAS was derived from a Latin word-mash that means "to increase cash and cultivate loyalty". As you look to the future, consider PELITAS as something more than just technology and support. You can own the very meaning of PELITAS (to increase cash and cultivate loyalty) as a strong, inner call-to-action in support of your mission. Scroll on to learn more about your PELITAS team and purpose.



Purpose is defined as the reason something exists. For PELITAS, that means the success of people. More specifically, that means the success of hospital and clinic leaders achieving better results with their Patient Access priorities, the patients in those communities that value an excellent holistic patient experience, and the people who choose PELITAS as a work community. Scroll on to see where work happens and to connect!



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☎︎ 972.781.2030 - 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Central, M-F
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☎︎ 972.781.2030 - 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Central, M-F
☴ Form Below - 24 hours / day


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